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  An email I sent to my editor on April 1, 2011.

Hi Victoria,

I just wanted to update you on the project. It's going well. I just finished a very, very loose first draft. Dean read it and gave me some good notes, so I'll do 1-2 more drafts before showing to you, which hopefully will be before July. We've been kicking around a lot of different names but haven't found one that is really excellent.

I did want to give you a head's up that the story is revolving around the general theme of goat husbandry. I know we were initially joking about this book being Revenge of the Mountain Goats, and that title is too silly, but it proved a little prophetic. The knowledge of goats and caring for them has become as important in this book as linder was in the first. There's a kind of goat-speaking and the climax involves a horde of angry goats storming the palace, so we might think about including goats on the cover in some way, maybe instead of the photo of the girl it could be a goat to set it apart from the first. There are some really lovely breeds with large, dark eyes, though it'd be great to find a goat with a slightly angry or at least determined expression.

And by now you realize that the entire second paragraph is hogwash (or perhaps, goatwash). Happy April first. The first paragraph remains true, and I'm off to engage in vigilant rewrites that have little to none to do with goats.

My editor, who didn't read the email until April 4, was alarmed at first, then got a good laugh and forwarded the email around Bloomsbury. She emailed me this suggested cover.
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