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  World notes

In rapunzel's revenge, Dean and I created a world for the story that expands with calamity jack. Although we don't get into the history in the books themselves, our understanding of the world was essential in the writing process.

Our setting is an alternate version of the actual Northern Hemisphere. The Old World is like Europe, but a place where fairy tales are true. It's inhabited not just by humans, but duggers, pixies, fairies, wights, mermaids, ogres, trolls, and giants. As the Old World population boomed, many began to immigrate to the New World Territories.

There were already people living in the New World, and they became known to the immigrants as the Clans. The Clans naturally had settled in all the best areas: around ports, on waterways, near fertile lands, the places that would make the best cities. Because the Old World was populated by so many different kinds of creatures and peoples, there wasn't the inherent mistrust of outsiders or racism. So when the immigrants came, they settled alongside the Clans rather than trying to drive them away.

A couple hundred years later, large cities sit on the sites of these original settlements, and the Clans are urban folk. Jack is descended from the Clans himself and lives in Shyport.

The Giants are the last of the Old World peoples to immigrate. Their presence changes Shyport. As the Giants seize power and manipulate government and commerce to great mega-corporations, many like Jack's parents slowly become impoverished. What will it take to undo this insidious turn of events? You must read the book to find out! Dah dah DAH!!

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