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  Title storm

Titles are so important. Sometimes the very first title you think of ends up working--like with rapunzel's revenge, and other times... Well, here's some brainstorming we did on titles. Our original, Jack's Justice, just didn't have the same punch as Rapunzel's Revenge, though I liked the concept and the way it mirrored the first book's title. Dean, Victoria (our editor), Nate and I worked over this. Many of these suggestions also came from members.

Jack's Justice
Jack's High Jinks
Jack's Villainy
Criminal Jack
Jack's Racket
Jack the Giant Killer
Outlaw Jack
Ruthless Jack
Crafty Jack
Tricky Jack
The Return of Jack
Jack's Score
Jack's Mischief
Jack's Payback
Jack's Bushwhack
Jack's Comeback
Jack's Gambit
Jack's Giant Problem
Jack's Shenanigan
Jack's Town
Jack's City
The Beanstalk Affair
The Beanstalk Business
The Beanstalk Sting
The Beanstalk Heist
Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Quick
Jack's Jeopardy
Jack's Jigsaw

In the end, Nate came to the Provo Book Festival in 2007 with a scrap of paper, on which he'd written "Calamity Jack." I said, "I think I love it." A few days later, I was certain: I loved it. For those of you who don't know, this title is a play on Calamity Jane, a famous sharpshooter and cowgirl in the American Old West. The resonance with her history is nice; and besides, calamity is just such a cool word.

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