Books: calamity jack
  • A Junior Library Guild Selection
  • A 2011 YALSA Great Graphic Novel
  • A Texas Maverick Graphic Novel
  • An SLJ Best Comic for Kids 2011
  • A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year, starred for Outstanding Merit
  • 2011 Utah Book Award for best children's book
  • Shortlisted for the Lincolnshire Young People Book Award (UK)
  • A 2011 Children's Choices Reading List selection
  • A 2013 Popular Paperback for Young Adults (YALSA)

"The swashbuckling plot shines in the graphic-novel format... Easily as strong as the first entry, this steampunk-flavored fairy tale will appeal to boy-, girl-, reluctant- and eager readers alike."
The Horn Book

"The urban setting suits this retelling of the familiar beanstalk tale; Nathan Hale's art gives it a steampunk twist, and the addition of fairy-tale creatures like giants and pixies is natural and convincing. Shannon and Dean Hale have done an excellent job stretching the bones of the traditional fable into a high-action coming-of-age story that will keep young teen readers excited and engaged."

"[T]his fantastic yarn has something for everyone... Readers will relish this gleeful mix of fairy tale, adventure and romance."

"truly refreshing and fun...Nathan Hale (no relation) continues to draw in a clear and energetic style equally suited to the steampunk city as to the Wild West. Fans of the previous book will be happy to see this new installment, which should handily garner new fans as well."

"...a charming update of Jack and Beanstalk... The dynamic artwork fits well with Jack and Rapunzel's quick tongues, as they flirt their way through numerous hair-raising situations."
Publishers Weekly

"Nathan Hale's artwork again places the action in a fairy-tale version of the American West, now with the city as backdrop. His character sketches are delightfully expressive, and the book has the same rich palette as the previous story. It should satisfy readers who enjoy adventure, fairy tales, and anyone who loves a rogue."
School Library Journal

"Once again authors (and spouses) Shannon and Dean Hale have concocted a story that will have readers on the edge of their seats. The beautifully drawn illustrations by Nathan Hale (no relation) add verve, detail and humor to the story."
The Washington Post

"Readers will still be caught up by Shannon and Dean Hale's terrific use of language and good sense of pacing... They understand the comic medium and use it to its fullest potential, never making the mistake of allowing their words to say too much at a time in which Nathan Hale's art could be doing the work. For his part, his art walks the fine line of being terrific for younger readers and yet not too young for older ones... Readers in grades 5 and up will thrill at Jack and Rapunzel's most recent adventures."

"This GN was so much fun that just writing this review makes me want to read it again! Batten down the hatches and tie up the dirigibles–this is one wild ride."

"Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack are a librarian's dream come true! The Hales combine witty dialogue, action and adventure, beautiful detailed artwork and lots of humor to create the perfect graphic novel."

"I had one of those brilliant and painful moments upon reaching the end of this comic. I hated finishing it. I hated it because I was totally conscious that I could never again read Calamity Jack for the first time, no matter how much I might enjoy it on the second, third and twentieth time. So I shouted at the torrential sky, "WHY CAN'T ALL COMICS BE THIS GOOD?" and then sank into a puddle, sobbing. "Why, God. Why?"
Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show

"This Western/steampunk/fairy tale combo is packed full of adventure, is loads of fun, and has broad appeal for all readers."
School Library Journal Best Comics committee

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