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  • A Junior Library Guild selection
  • A Mythopoeic Award finalist

"Rin's inner demons--connected to powers she does not yet grasp--are fascinatingly explored...One doesn't need to have read the earlier books to become enraptured by this one, but doing so adds to the richness of these very satisfying tales."
Kirkus Reviews

"All is told in Hale's assured voice, drawing the details of her invented countries with precision and depth. Newcomers will find this book an easy entry point, and fans will need no excuse to dive back into Hale's fantasy world."
Horn Book

"In her fourth fantasy about the land of Bayern, Hale has created a strong stand-alone companion to The Goose Girl (2003), Enna Burning (2004), and River Secrets (2006). Fans of the earlier titles as well as admirers of the genre will find Rin's journey a compelling read."
School Library Journal

"As usual, Hale's vivid, poetic language; romantic and action-filled plot twists; and friendship themes create a rich, satisfying read. But it's Rin's sensitively drawn struggle to recognize and accept her own power that will stay with readers most."

"Hale's talent as a storyteller continues to grow, as does her ability to connect with readers on multiple levels. In Rin, Hale has created someone with totally relatable doubts, concerns, dreams and talents."
Deseret News

"Of course the story is as delightful as ever, everything you could want from a Bayern book in the way of plot and characters, but it's the way Shannon Hale chooses and arranges her words that sends me into unabashed fits of bookswoon. It's so lush and distinctive and downright delicious."
Sarah Miller, author of Miss Spitfire

"[A] riveting adventure...Hale has a unique talent for weaving the inner thoughts and emotions of her characters with page-turning plot."
Lisa Von Drasek for EarlyWord

"Shannon Hale is, in my opinion, one of the best contemporary authors, so it means a lot when I say that Forest Born is one of my favorites of her books, and that Rin is my favorite character."
The Children's Book Reporter

"I loved Forest Born from its lyrical beginning to its powerful end. This heroine's path of realization and self-acceptance is a beautiful journey to be savored by readers of all ages. Absolutely recommended."
The Book Smugglers

"Hale has once again exceeded my expectations. Forest Born blew me away from page one, drawing me back into the world of Bayern."
Chick Lit Teens

"One of the best things about this book is that all of Hale's heroines have a chance to shine... They're feminine, caring, supportive, and yet, when the need arises, fierce and powerful. Yet, put them all together and they are truly forces to be reckoned with."
Book Nut

"High excitement, great romance, funny, Forest Born is a good addition to any library."
Rene Kirkpatrick for

"Shannon Hale, author of the suspenseful and romantic "Princess Academy," crafts a marvelous, suspenseful tale set in a finely crafted fairy tale universe, and Rin is a fascinating heroine, skilled at surviving on her own in the forest."
Buffalo News

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