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  • A Spring 2014 Kids' Indie Next book, "Inspired Recommendations for Kids from Indie Booksellers"
  • A Junior Library Guild selection
"Fast paced and action packed, bubbling over with ideas and full of heart, Dangerous is a dangerously addictive read."
--Scott Westerfeld, NY Times bestselling author of the Leviathan and Uglies series

"One of the best books I've ever read. Ever. It's chock full of intrigue, suspense, and clever, authentic, wonderful humor. I'm in love with this book."
--James Dashner, NY Times bestselling author of The Maze Runner

"Master storyteller Hale takes readers to dizzying new heights. Layered with gritty action and heartfelt characters, DANGEROUS is a can't-miss adventure."
--Kiersten White, NY Times bestselling author of Paranormalcy

"Hale mashes up her science and her superheroes, then stirs in just the right amount of wonder and delight. I loved this book."
--Megan Whalen Turner, NY Times bestselling author of The Thief

"DANGEROUS is exactly that--you will not be able to put this book down, nor will you be able to get its fantastic heroine, Maisie Brown, out of your head."
--Ally Condie, NY bestselling author of Matched

"This fast-paced science fiction novel with echoes of the "Fantastic Four" comics doesn't let up for a moment. Maisie is a strong, smart heroine with a wry sense of humor, and readers will be rooting for her to save the world. A must-read for fans of superhero adventures."
School Library Journal

"Hello, Book Love! This is one crazy awesome, fun book...A fast-paced hybrid of science-fiction, action thriller, superheroes, and romance, Dangerous smartly combines witty and flirty repartee with pulse-pounding action that rarely slows down to breathe...Oh, sweet awesomeness, I loved this book!"
USA Today's Happily Ever After blog

"Dangerous is a thrilling, dark, sci-fi adventure and is somewhat of a departure from Shannon Hale's usual work for children...What has not changed in this new work is Hale's ability to craft a captivating plot while creating memorable characters that are rich in complexity and intrigue. While Dangerous is a save-the-world novel, it is also much more. Hale successfully combines adventure and science fiction fantasy together with real issues of family, first love, disability, multi-culturalism, relationships, and the process of growing up while making very difficult and real moral choices."
IRA Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy

"Hale delivers an action-packed SF thriller with plenty of surprises and an intriguing premise."
Publishers Weekly

"Hale's fans may be surprised at this new direction in her writing, but they certainly will not be disappointed...This adventure, sci-fi, romance novel will keep readers engrossed."
Library Media Connection

"This novel is a whirlwind of excitement."
RT Book Review

"[G]irl power abounds, and the pages keep turning...Hale's range is wider than her readers might have expected."
Kirkus Reviews

"It's thrilling to find a satisfying page-turner of this kind at all, let alone one that risks giving a heroic voice to someone who doesn't look like any other hero you're likely to find."
City Weekly

"And while there is no magic in this novel, Hale creates a complicated technological world and some fantastic superpowers."
Deseret News

"The plot rockets along at a breakneck pace."
Salt Lake Tribune

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