Books: book of a thousand days
  Naming Dashti

For the names in book of a thousand days, I wanted to use Mongolian names to help the whole setting have that feel. However, Mongolian names tend to be quite long, and I was worried they would be confusing to readers. (Confession time--I get very confused in books when the names are difficult to pronounce or too long to remember or start with the same letter as other ones.) So instead I used some Mongolian root words (some are archaic and no longer mean anything in Mongolian). Here are some of the names from the book and their meanings.

Tegus perfect
Batu loyal
Checheg flower
Erdene jewel
Chinua wolf
Gal fire
Vachir thunderbolt
Dash good luck (adding -ti means, one who is good luck)
Qacha flank
Alagh mottled
Saran moon
Khasar terrible dog

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