Books: austenland
  The austenland limerick
by Laura Middleton, friend of the author and limerick super-genius

If the Pembrook Park (a.k.a. Austenland) brochure were written in limericks:

Our sales pitch:

If you're seeking a lovely vacation,
Or you've got (shhh!) a Darcy fixation,
Then come and make haste!
We'll keep it all chaste
But won't skimp on the fervent flirtation.

Our location:

Forgo the hot sun of the beaches.
Walk gardens, taste sweet English peaches,
Enjoy our terrain.
(Ostensibly, Jane.)
Did we mention the men all wear breeches?

Our guarantee:

For one of our gents you'll be fallin'.
Any reticence we'll be forstallin',
'Cause your corset's tight strain
Cuts the blood to your brain;
Then, any old guy looks like Colin.

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