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  Shocking! Errors in austenland

Be the first to spot non-Period attrocities in the book and become famous! By getting your name on this page! (Okay, "famous" may be a bit strong a word. Let's try "duly noted." Or maybe "slightly visible.")

Surely, having read Austen's books countless times and many other British novels and seen so many movies and done so much research, I wouldn't be subject to any serious, awkward, unforgivable errors, right? Huh? What?, um, right, there is that one...

Aunt Saffronia's husband should not be Sir Templeton. He would be called Sir John Templeton or Sir John. Never just Sir Templeton. Of course not. You'd have to be seriously dim-witted to even think that he could be Sir Templeton! Or else just me. I'd blame the error on two pregnancies if I hadn't been writing it for seven years and first named him three years before my first pregnancy. If you caught the error, I hope it made you laugh. Nothing like a good laugh. Have one on my expense. This error has been fixed in third editions and later. Congratulations to Constance M. from Watertown, MA who first caught the Sir Templeton mistake. Party on, Wayne.

Oops, another one! Aunt Carolyn suddenly becomes "Caroline" twice later in the book. Many alert readers found this error. Serious flaw in copy editing. I don't even know how that happened! Again, fixed in future editions of the book.

Yet another! Several readers alerted me that Jennifer Ehle isn't in fact British, as it asserts in the Prologue. Technically, she's half-British, but she was born in the U.S. So there you go.

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