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March 01, 2018



My mid 30s brother told me during a conversation about great authors that he never read books by women because he didn't like them. I was shocked and stunned into silence and I've still never responded properly. As you say though, this can only be due to societal pressures because books by women come in all shapes and sizes and to just dismiss them all! It's very sad.

Sue Bursztynski

Wish I had a school visit from you! You sound like a delight! I’m a teacher librarian, as well as a #kidlitwoman, and I can tell you that, while there are a lot of paranormal romances for girls, there is at least one series in my library that has only ever been read by boys. What is it? Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom trilogy. Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen ALL have pictures of a girl on the cover and a heroine as the lead role. I wish I could get girls reading them! The boys who have read them loved them.


Yes, Shannon, yes! I have been preaching to my friends about this inequality my whole life and hardly anyone seemed to get it! Even the girls! Thank you so much for doing your part to change the world!


Also, your books are amazing. I haven’t tried the graphic novels yet but I will have to give them a go. Yes!

Emily H

Hurray! A post from Shannon! I couldn't agree more - I've noticed myself sometimes not wanting to recommend such books or films that I like to male family members BECAUSE I know how they very well might react and what they're likely to say. I don't want to feel the pain of hearing people I love disparage the stories I love, so I don't recommend that amazing book to my brother, or I don't suggest a really great film for a family movie night when I visit, not unless it's only "the girls" watching, because I don't want to hear the "put-downs" that remind me how much this lack of regard for female-led or female-written stories has been ingrained in our society and especially in boys and men. It hurts!

Debbie McFarland

I don't think its a bad thing boys are not reading a book about a princess, I don't think boys relate to princess, I don't think this means its misogynist, I as a female would not read a book that I cannot relate to..I don't see why everyone makes a big deal about this! Boys read books they can relate to, and girls to books they can..this world thinks too much about being so unfair to women, yet its just nature!

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